What we specialized in

Fluorescent Lamp and e-Waste Recycling Services

Electronics Recycling ~ Data Destruction ~ ITAD ~ Paper Recycling ~ Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Services ~ Battery Recycling

We use a variety of downstreams and in house processes for all of the recycling needs:
  • Crushing, separating and retorting process equipment are included in State of the art treatment, which exceeds the IEPA standards for lamp destruction.
  • Mercury distillation equipment.
  • Hard drive shredding and crushing
  • Computer Dismantling and itimizing e-waste item
  • Recycling Services for the convenience of small generators.
  • Bulk universal waste pickup to cover all of your requirements
  • Keeping Computerized records of recycling.
  • Excellent customer service with Friendly and helpful staff to answer questions and process orders quickly.
  • Sealed drum turning equipment to do processing crushed lamps.
Our capabilities:
  • Lamp Destruction Certification is approved by IEPA.
  • 99.99% pure Mercury recovery
  • Environment protection by Ultra low emission.
  • 99% of all lamp recycled components send back to the industry.
  • Ability to recycle all types of mercury-containing lamps such as fluorescent, HID, UV, CFL and specialty lamps.
  • 55-gallon drum to do dispose of 4ft., 8ft., & U-shaped fluorescent lamps.
  • Approximately 700-900 4ft T12, 1500 T8 or equivalent type fluorescent lamps Drum capacity.
  • Includes a 55-gallon drum, and 3 stage filtering system including activated carbon filter for the capture of mercury vapor.
  • Each drum of crushed glass will be adequately recycled using our recycling program.